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Minerals and Petroleum

Red layers cannot be viewed at this scale
Click on a layer name for layer details

Go to location
Bookmark your current location: click on
'Add Bookmark' below and enter a name
for the location. Click on a bookmark name
to zoom to that location.

Zoom to a known location
e.g.:  Grid coordinates (333665,372526)
X/Y coordinates (-5.93, 54.58)
Place Names (Belfast)
Street Names (Howard St)


Print Results: Open a printable PDF report in a new window. The report includes a map, a map key and tabular results of the current search operation. Important: You must disable your pop-up blocker for the print page to open.

Export To Excel: Export results in the active tab of the results table to a Tab delimited text file compatible with Microsoft Excel. Important This operation may take some time when exporting many results.

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Hover over a row to highlight feature.
Double click on row to zoom to feature.
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Navigating the map

To pan: left-click on the map and drag.
To zoom: use de zoom control on the top-left of the map, use the mouse wheel, hold down the Shift key and drag a rectangle, or use the 'Go to location'.

Display map layers

Clicking on the 'Map layers' button will allow you to switch layers on and off from the current Map Theme. Clicking on the layer name will display help for that layer.

Change map theme

To change the current map theme, click on the 'Map layers' button and select the required theme from the drop down list. The list of map layers available will then update automatically.

Show map key

Click on the 'Key' button to display a key for the currently visible layers.

Get feature details

Left-click on a feature on the map will return details of that feature.

Go to location

Click on the 'Go to location' button to zoom to a known location e.g. a place, street, grid coordinates or Long-Lat. A bookmark tool is also provides so that the current location can be saved. Clicking on a bookmark zooms to that location.

Map overview

Click on the arrow at the bottom right of the map to open the map overview window. Dragging the red rectangle in this window allows you to change the extant of the main map.

Search map layers

To use the search tools, make one or more layers visible using 'Map Layers' and click the 'Search' button. Two types of search are available
1) Spatial Search: Choose either rectangle or polygon for the search shape. Draw the shape on the map following the on-screen instructions. A results window will open and only those features within the search shape will be shown on the map.
2) Attribute Search: Select a layer to search, enter the search text and click the 'Search' button. A results window will open and only the features that contain the search text will be displayed on the map.

The 'Clear All Results' button will hide the results window and remove any active search query.

Note It is not possible to search the geology layers (1:250,000 or 1:500,000 scale). However the details of a individual geology feature can be returned as described in 'Get feature details' above.

Using the results window

Hover over a row to highlight the feature on the map (in yellow). Double click on the row to zoom to the feature.

Exporting results

Click on the 'Print/Export' button and select 'Export to Excel' to download an Excel compatible tab delimited text file of the results shown in the currently active tab of the results table.

Printable report

Click on the 'Print/Export' button, enter a map name and select 'Create Printable Report' to generate a printable PDF report containing a map, map key and tables showing the results of any spatial or attribute query. Note you must disable your pop-up blocker for the print page to open.


Click on the 'Measure' button and select either 'Length' (returns distance) or 'Area' (returns perimeter and area). Draw the selected shape following the on-screen instructions.