Beta notes:
  • Please wait until the elevation data has calculated before continuing.
  • Slices for larger areas may take c. 1 minute to generate.
  • You may get a page error for high-resolution slices in the London model due to timeout of the processing. We are working to rectify this. If this occurs, select a smaller area or lower the resolution.
Select base depth of horizontal slice using either:
Below Surface
Horizontal slice depth specified in metres below ground surface
          OR           Elevation relative to OD
Horizontal slice depth specified in metres relative to Ordnance Datum
Minimum: 0m
Maximum: Calculating...
  Maximum: Calculating...
Minimum: Calculating...
Value: m   Value: m
Select resolution for section image. Higher resolutions can take a minute or longer to generate:

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Urban Interactive Models Toolbar
1) Use the dropdown to zoom to the extent of an interactive model
2) Choose from 'Borehole', 'Cross-Section' and 'Horizontal Slice' to query model
Modelled geology may differ from the geological map due to the constraints of the modelling process and the use of additional data not available at the time of map construction.
GeoIndex Onshore

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The Onshore GeoIndex is now mobile friendly, opening with a simplified user interface on a smartphone or tablet.
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