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Quaternary Cross Sections
Cross-section diagrams through the Quaternary domains.
Click a cross section line to open a PDF to learn more. Clicking the title will take you to the relevant domain.

Glaciation Limits
Currently known limits of the Devensian (red) and Anglian (blue) glaciations.

Quaternary Domains Descriptors
Eleven different domains represented by consistent geomorphological features (landforms), with typical assemblages or groupings of superficial deposits, and are partly defined by the genetic processes that formed both the deposits and landforms.
Click on a domain to learn more.

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Navigating the map

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To zoom: Drag the vertical slider on the left of the map, use the mouse wheel or hold down the Shift key and drag a rectangle. 

Show map key

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You can search for a location within the UK in the search box which can be found in the top-right of the map. It is possible to search for a location by its name or post code.

Viewing the Data

Click on the 'Layers' button to display a list of the layers which are available to view:

  • Quaternary Cross Sections
  • Glaciation Limits
  • Quaternary Domains Descriptors

To view a layer click on the check-box to the left of its name.

Querying the Data

To view more information about a data layer, left-click on the feature and where available a PDF document will be opened into a new browser tab or window.