Hover over a row to highlight feature.
Double click on row to zoom to feature.
Get complete dataset.
Clip to Shapefile: Specify cutting shape using 'RECTANGLE', 'POLYGON' or 'SHAPEFILE' buttons.

Welcome to the Onshore GeoIndex

To begin click on 'ADD DATA' to add a new layer to the map and zoom to a location using the 'Enter location' box.

The Onshore GeoIndex is now mobile friendly, opening with a simplified user interface on a smartphone or tablet.
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Spatial search: Click on 'RECTANGLE', 'POLYGON' or 'CIRCLE' buttons to draw a selection shape on the map.

Attribute query: Click on 'QUERY' button to search based on feature attributes.
Create PDF report
Generate a PDF report of the current map, legend and any search results

Enter a title for the report and click 'GENERATE REPORT'.

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Measure a distance or area

Click on a measure tool below and draw shape on map.